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Students performed in the SKENÉ architectural intervention in Parque Araucano

Hundreds of people witnessed the spectacular staging.

This year we carried out «Cuerpos al vacío», a performance action that was located in the architectural intervention «YAP_CONSTRUCTO 9: SKENÉ, a place to see and be seen», authored by the architects and partners of Siglo 22 Arquitectos, Macarena Urzúa, who also teaches at UDD, and Rodrigo Santa María, which was prepared collaboratively by students from two of our majors: Spaces and Objects and Fashion Design and Management.

The installation was a temporary architectural work in Parque Araucano, in the Las Condes district. It aimed to explore new proposals for collective space and citizen interaction and bring together the national creative milieu around an architectural intervention. The work won the most recent version of the Young Architects Program (YAP), awarded by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The architects were selected to carry out this intervention. According to Dean Alejandra Amenábar, «SKENÉ is a work of architecture that transcends the ordinary, with its innovative design and ability to transform a public space into something magical and beautiful. It is another example of how design and innovation can unite the community».

In this context, UDD Design students were invited to intervene in the work, for which they presented two proposals. The first belonged to Spaces and Objects Studio I, which, from a spatial dimension, proposed the construction of space through movement and displacement, giving expression and body to the empty space. Three sections participated in this performance, led by professors Macarena Urzúa, Soledad Castillo, Cecilia Ovalle, Sergio Ortega, Alejandro Peralta, and Trinidad Gómez.

The students of two Fashion Design and Management Studio V sections, led by professors María del Carmen Gálmez, Francisca Tornero, and Priscila Huaman, presented design pieces using various traditional and contemporary construction techniques. Students aimed to pay tribute to the human body’s extensions and emphasise the importance of clothing as the body’s first architecture and second skin.

«Students were inspired by this architectural intervention and motivated by their professors to share two special commissions. In the case of Fashion Design and Management, the students analysed a fashion house. They drew on their distinctive construction techniques to develop their creations, linked with the cord used in Skené and light filaments. Meanwhile, in Spaces and Objects Design, the students constructed structures that attach to the body, coming to life as they unfold with movement. Everything together gave life to a magnificent performative action,» closed the UDD Design authority.